Dear William: Happy 3rd Birthday

My dear, precious William,

This past year, your dad and I watched you grow from a mumbling, babbling, chubby toddler to a half-grown, full sentence-speaking, energetic little boy.

Your once-chubby face, legs and tummy have started thinning out, so instead of cuddling with my squishy baby, I get elbowed in the stomach and kneed in the legs from you trying to wrestle with me. By the way, I always win.

You’ve transferred to a big boy bed and somehow you still end up in bed with mama and daddy. Which, in all honesty, I’m okay with, because instead of having several walls between us, you’re right next to me… I feel better about your safety when you’re lying beside me.

You’re still very shy, but you’re still friendly and polite, knowing when to say please and thank you and even “excuse me.” Yes/no ma’am/sir have also become a habit.

A big achievement this year has been your conquered fear of getting your hair cut. From kicking and screaming to calmly sitting still and sucking a lollipop, you made mama so proud that day.

Counting to 31, reciting and recognizing your alphabet, starting to write, organizing your toys by color and shape, speaking almost complete sentences, starting to draw shapes… you’re getting smarter everyday and I love that I get to witness that.

You’re such an awesome helper. You help mama clean and put away dishes, and help make dinner. One of your favorite things is to earn stars on your chore chart, and I love watching you light up when you know you did something good.

You proved to mama just how great of a kid you are by being a perfect angel on your first toddler road trip to Atlanta. But it also showed me that you still need naps… #grumpygills.

You love watching Moana, playing with all kinds of cars and trucks, putting together (and throwing all over the room) puzzles, kicking soccer balls and throwing baseballs, and playing basketball with daddy, and singing along to KLOVE in the car with mama. With all these interests, I can’t wait to see what path you decide to follow in life.

But for now, you’re still my baby. I’m not going to rush your growing up. I want you to stay little for as long as you can. I will do my best to encourage you to do your best every single day. I promise to do my best to raise you into a God-fearing gentleman.

These past 3 years has been a learning process for you, me and daddy, but you have shown us that our love for you is unconditional. You have jumped on mommy’s stomach bright and early in the morning and still received a good morning hug and kiss. You make us laugh, cry, yell, smile, mad, and unbelievably happy.

Three years have come and gone—sometimes they seemed super long but most day it feels like you should still be a newborn. We could not have asked for a better child and we thank God every single day that you were given to us.

Happy 3rd Birthday, baby boy. We love you.